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Gunman killed sister, in second deadly U.S. mass shooting in 24 hours

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

DAYTON, Ohio — In the hours before the mass shooting, siblings Connor and Megan Betts drove the family’s 2007 Corolla to visit this city’s historic Oregon District, an area alive on a summer night with restaurants, bars and nightlife.

Then, police said, they separated.

It is not clear what Megan, 22, did at this point. But Connor, 24, donned a mask, body armor and ear protection. Wielding an AR-15-like assault weapon with magazines containing 100 rounds, he set out on a street rampage that, although it lasted only about 30 seconds, killed nine people and injured 27 others, police said.

Among the first to die was Megan Betts. Her male companion was injured, but survived.

Many more might have been shot, officials said, but less than a minute into the barrage, police patrolling the area saw people fleeing and neutralized Connor Betts — he was shot to death — as he was about to enter a bar where dozens of people had run in to hide. A bouncer was injured by shrapnel. At least six police officers fired rounds at the gunman.

Washington Post

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