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Feeling "Stuck" In Place? Here Are 3 Helpful Tips To Get Back To Your Greater Self

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in life? Like you are at a standstill where you feel like you are not making any progress? Maybe it is happening right now, due to the sudden lifestyle changes because of COVID-19. Maybe you are feeling the complete opposite and you are overwhelmed by how many things you want to do. This “stuck” feeling can happen to anyone. I have seen it, especially among my peers whose ages range from 18-24 years old. Even though we don’t necessarily have to have it figured out right now there is still some unseen force that makes us feel like we have to. It is even happening to myself and because of that I would like to share 3 steps that I have taken that have helped me shake the negative feelings off.

The first step is creating a blueprint through honest self-reflection:

Becoming extremely self-aware will put you ahead of the game. Taking the time to step back and ask yourself questions about yourself is powerful. Stay realistic but being confident in knowing that you can turn skills that you are “good” at into skills that you are great at. It is okay to not know what you want to do. Figure out steps you can take right now to make your interests and passions into a career. I guarantee you will learn a lot about yourself when you analyze your thoughts, interests, and behaviors.

The next step is to find a mentor(s):

Find a person in your life that knows and understands you. It could be a professor, coach, or a family friend. A person you can freely speak to and who can advise you on how you can take steps towards becoming your greater self. Sometimes you need to get your thoughts out with positive reinforcement. Find somebody who will be honest and have your best interest in mind. Having somebody in your corner that can push you forward, hold you accountable and let you know that you can do what you set out to do is enabling you to bring your goals and dreams to fruition.

The final step is to take consistent action:

Whatever goal, activity or adventure that you choose to go for, whether it is one thing or multiple things, you must take that leap of faith. Sometimes, the problem here is that we, as people, are afraid to fail and we seek instant gratification. You must remember that It is going to take time and hard work no matter what. Stick with it! Working day in and day out on your passion will lead to purpose. Having a clear purpose is what keeps you from getting that “stuck” feeling ever again.

Eyeconic Writer: Orion Lewis

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