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5 Reasons Preparation Can Dramatically Affect Your Life

Preparation is extremely vital for a productive lifestyle, as most can agree. However, preparation is also one of the hardest habits for people to implement into their daily routines. Here are 5 tips on how building the habit of preparation can dramatically affect your life.

1. Helps you sleep better!

We’ve all experienced it - tossing and turning with so much on our mind with the aspect of there being “so little time” to get things done and accomplished. Pure frustration! Freeing your head space by preparing your task to fit into your lifestyle will not only calm the mind but motivate you. This will cause a mental equilibrium effect for a deep, quality sleep.

2. Gives you more time to enjoy the the moment.

Not wasting time trying to get things done last minute will allow you to enjoy the true moment. For example, not preparing your clothes and essentials the night before your morning workout. So now you’re spending your morning scattering around, deciding what to wear, just to realize what you had in mind is actually dirty or you’re just not feeling it. So now you are changing and because you are running late you now forget your pre-work out or that favorite piece of equipment you like to use. In reverse, if you had been prepared, you could use that time to enjoy listening to nice sounds or watch an inspirational video while sipping on that pre-workout.

3. Releases Anxiety

Preparation helps clear the clutter in your head, resulting in reduced anxiety. When you are not thinking about the 101 things you have to get done because you’ve prepared and just waiting on time, you will instinctively feel more relaxed.

4. Builds Self Esteem

Let’s take a moment to imagine. You have a goal; you’ve prepared a map to conquer that goal; you take action in the steps you’ve prepared; your goal is conquered. You see, many people have many goals but most fail to prepare to conquer those goals. When the goal is not achieved sometimes you may feel self depreciated and bad about yourself. Choose the adverse effect. Also, you have to realize that just preparing for a task is a mission completed in itself. This in turn will build your self-esteem as you are proving to yourself that your needs are important and you are committed to achievement.

5. Preparation will help you manage problems more effectively and efficiently.

Without preparation, you are choosing to face and deal with problems the moment they arrive. To be reactive instead of proactive can cause delay in progress, errors, wasted time, and even wasted money. Taking inventory of what future occurrences may happen will set you up for a systematic and successful journey. The great thing about preparation is it can always be learned. If you find it hard to build this habit in your lifestyle, practice with small priorities first. This will alleviate pressure, which can cause analysis paralysis. Starting small can also help you learn yourself and how the process works for you.

Lastly, never forget to celebrate the small wins because you deserve to!

Eyeconic Writer: Kayla Groden

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