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Relationship Goals In A Millennial World

As we all know we live in culture where everyone would love to be in a relationship, not only for the cute photos but to also be that number one couple that people look up to and admire. Let’s take Ciara and Russell Wilsons’ relationship which displays a perfect example of what many people are looking for. The public is dying to know what Ciara prayed about when praying for a husband because her relationship is in fact relationship goals.

Well the good thing about all of this is that pastor Michael Todd, the lead pastor of transformation church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has launched his new series called Relationship Goals Reloaded and boy is it something amazing! It is a spinoff from his original series “Relationship Goals” that was launched in 2016.

Because of the viral impact of this series, many people from all over the nation have tuned in and are on their way to finding out the key to having realistic and healthy relationship goals. Along with Relationship Goals Reloaded, Michael Todd also released his first book titled “Relationship Goals” as well as a guide to help people with their relationships while following the series. Relationships Reloaded began two weeks ago and what people are quickly finding out is that the relationship goal is not a person, but that it is God! This was shocking to many who have been following the series because many thought it would be a much more comprehensive and heavily loaded but then again Michael Todd made it easy to follow and understand. Didn’t get to catch the series? No problem! Check it out on or click on Relationship Goals Reloaded and get a breath of fresh air. To check out the sermons you can tune into them live on Sundays at 11 a.m. on

Eyeconic Writer: Opeyemi Jaiyeoba

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