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Taking Care of Your Emotions Amid Pursuing Your Dreams

As a natural creative seeking a full life, you would think following your dreams is all flowers and cotton candy. Do not get me wrong, most of the time, it is. I mean, for a fulfillment activist, it’s the only thing worth living for.

But the hard part is knowing the line between taking a mental break or going harder for what you want or believe in because you know you can. I would be the first to tell you that this can be the means towards a mental breakdown. And the most challenging part is realizing if this fine line will be recognized before it is too late.

Here are FIVE tips on recognizing and treating the “creative mental breakdown” aka, an anxiety attack.

1. Evaluating Your Emotions

This is usually the most challenging part because most people just go with the flow and end up reacting instead of "pre-acting". Give yourself time to recognize and document when you are most enthusiastic, the time frame of when your creativity is at its peak, as well as the circumstances that drain you. Acknowledging these time stamps will help prepare you for potential outcomes. The more you get in tune with this practice, the more you will realize where and how to spend your energy. The biggest downfall is when we put too much valuable energy in the wrong space which can ultimately distort your emotions.

2. Write Down Your 24 Hours

It is as simple as it sounds, but I can almost guarantee if you ask the person sitting next to you if they do such a thing, they will most likely say no. The major benefit of writing down your 24 hours ahead of time is to prevent chaos. Sure, giving yourself a list of tasks that should get done in a day is vital, but to stamp it to a that is a game changer. Not only will this practice assist with decision fatigue, it will also keep you focused and on track. Two of the largest contributing factors of mental breakdowns.

3. Eat Good, Feel Good, Do Good

Diet can be an entire post in itself but I do want to highlight it here. To keep it simple, what you consume is what you put out. Give your body and mind the best nutrients to fuel your creative journey. There is no way that you can fully thrive when you are in a nutrient deficient state and/or full of toxins. Have you ever had a moment when you know your potential, the steps to get the results but you just don’t have the energy so you end up doing nothing- i.e. causing a mental breakdown. Consider implementing whole-rich foods which include grains, proteins, and veggies into your diet.

4. Detoxification

In all honesty, detoxification can mean many things. Spiritual, diet, people and maybe even drugs or alcohol. Whatever it may specifically mean to you, it is healthy for the soul and absolutely necessary for a progressive life. Treat yourself to a periodic time slot to clear out the clutter. Our dreams and passions are what we think about most. This is a beautiful thing. To have a clear mind, fueled and ready to ponder on all the possibilities of your dreams is a necessity for every creative. Your best you could be unnecessarily battling toxins for space in your mind can call for a mental breakdown. Whether it is every day, once a week, or once a month- make sure you schedule in your peace of mind.

5. Keep the Faith

Lastly, never EVER doubt yourself. You have a magical gift and the potential to do marvelous things. The world needs your ideas and you are the only one with that specific vision; bring it to life! Your seed was equipped with everything it needs to grow into its full potential. Do not stunt its growth with fear. Write it down, visualize consistently and make continuous baby steps. Know, not hope, that you will see your dreams in the physical. This level of faith will exonerate the potential of a mental breakdown.

It is my hope these 5 steps can enlighten your journey as well as help you prevent the possibility of a creative mental breakdown. Take inventory of your emotions, your day, your diet and be the best you that you can be.

Eyeconic Writer: Kayla Gordon

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