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A look into SweetNessa: Styling & Beauty

Jahnessa Gillespie or better known as SweetNessa of SweetNessa Styles began cosmetology her junior year of high school at Klein Collins High School. Being the oldest, Jahnessa always had the advantage to practice her craft on her siblings and learned the basics like braiding, cutting and classic perms.

Houston based, SweetNessa is mostly known for her braiding skills but she also specializes in sew-ins, blowouts, cutting and natural hairstyles. Developing her brand from the ground up, SweetNessa takes pride of the process and the growth of her company. She began building her brand through social media platforms such as Instagram, highlighting her talents through photos and video content. With an eye for detail, she is very particular about her work. Her goal is to make clients leave happy, satisfied and with more confidence than when they walked in. With much success now, the CEO's journey has not always been easy. While she was in the process of receiving her cosmetology license, one morning, she woke up paralyzed from the waist down. After being rushed to the hospital, she was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis with Paraplegia. This neurological disorder damages the insulating material covering nerve cell fibers causing random and temporary paralysis.

This news was a setback not only for her future, but also her last few years of high school and missing out on the required hours needed to obtain her cosmetology license. When she was able to go back to school, Jahnessa took nothing for granted and with the help of her family and friends, found the strength to push through. Once she graduated, she still did not receive all the required hours needed, so she went to a private cosmetology school to gain the remainder of her hours to receive her certification. Since her graduation, SweetNessa Styles continues to expand and impact others. Today, SweetNessa of SweetNessa Styles stays booked and gaining new clientele. Through manifestation and motivation, she has become a self-made boss and despite the hardships that she had to endure, SweetNessa has built a career and business one can take pride in. Find her on social media @sweetnessa_

Eyeconic Writer: Malia Good

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